Video of the slide down from the Westland Magic garden at Chelsea Flower Show (that big pyramid thing)

I can only apologise for the terrible witch-like cackle at the beginning and end of this video. However, I did come down from this enormous several storey garden in a metal slide. he poor chap at the end is just a random person who happened to come down after me.







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To get up there, first you queue – unless you are a celebrity in which case you queue-jump – then you go up a few floors in a lift. The queue is long.  I probably wasted an hour of garden exploring but figured it would be worth the wait. Goodness only knows if they will be opening up on public days – the queues will be enormous.

Inside is a LOT of scaffolding, but also a lot of plants. And planters. And trees, and a greenhouse, and a shed. It’s an extraordinary thing Diarmuid Gavin has created.

Once out of the lift there are two very steep, very rickety wooden ladders to climb to get the view from the top. Then you have to navigate them backwards to get down to the top of the slide (there are more ladders if you want to descend by steps or you can wait for the five-person lift).

The slide is the easiest way to get down, and it is fun, although you do go very fast.

Is it a show garden? Yes of course it is. And worth it just for the inevitable headaches it will have given Heath & Safety officers.

All words and pictures © Northamptonshire Gardens


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