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Cheap (but good quality) plant sale at Coton Manor Gardens from 4/9/12

A quick message from Coton Manor Gardens, drops into our inbox, which we think is worth sharing because we know the plants are mostly ‘home-grown’ and good quality. Look for some good-sized perennials to get the best bang for your buck. We’ll be there, re-stocking NG’s disaster garden, neglected all this summer . . .

“We are holding our customary autumn plant sale which commences on Tuesday 4th September. All our plants will be discounted by 25% and because of a relatively poor season there is much more available than is normal for this time of the year.

We will look forward to seeing you during the next few weeks – our season and the plant sale end on Saturday 29th September.

With best wishes,
 Ian and Susie Pasley-Tyler”

Coton Manor Gardens are just north of Northampton, near Guilsborough, and there’s a lovely tea shop there too.

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